As a new member of the Association on American Indian Affairs, I recently attended their 6th Annual Repatriation Conference. I also participated as a Vendor and sold my book, Moundbuilders of Ancient America: A Legacy Reclaimed and my Gullah Inspired Fabric Woven Crafts, ‘Sufia’s Woven Treasures’.

In the Summer of 2019, I embarked on a National Book Tour and visited numerous cities, including Charleston, Columbia and Goose Creek, South Carolina, Lithonia and Atlanta, Georgia, Chicago, Illinois and Los Angeles, California. The most unique experience was hosting a Mound Trek to an unexcavated Red Stick Creek Burial Mound Site following a Power Point Presentation & Book Signing at Flat Rock Archives in Lithonia, Georgia.
In March 2019, I held an International Book Launch at the Library in Scarborough, Tobago. The highlight was an opening and closing performance by Songstress and Acoustic Guitarist, N’Zingha Job, who’s late father, Dr. Morgan Job inspired me to write Moundbuilders of Ancient America: A Legacy Reclaimed on a chance encounter in 2015, when he stopped me to ask if I was Amer-Indian. He told me he asked because in his work in Latin America he had met people in Peru & Mexico who looked just like me. So that was further confirmation for continuing my research and work toward publishing this book on our Amer-Indian Muskogee/Creek Heritage, which was further validated by the DNA test results in 2017.