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Ohlone, Ancient Californians

These are Sufia's newly discovered Ancient Californian Ancestors, the Ohlone. She knew her folks were important after  meeting the Hadjo Clan through a McQueen Patriarch. Yet, this unknown branch of Sufia's family also reveals and intersects a part of America's Pre- Columbian

 History that we know far too little about. Her family's untold story is long overdue, so sit back and get ready for this ride through real life history making.

Amer-Indian History 101 
Mississippian Chiefdom

The Southeastern Ceremonial Complexes of Mississippian Chiefdoms ran organized

City States, led by a Cacique, a Spanish word for Governor. This book reveals one family's experience, showing  both triumph and tribulations, resulting in what is now called, the Mississippian Shatter Zone. The impact of this is what led to the collapse of Mississippian Culture.

Symbol of the WIND CLAN