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Mounbuilders of Ancient America 

DNA does not lie, It's about Amer-indian Heritage, family loyalty and American History.


What person doesn't grow up wanting to trace their ancestry to Kings and Queens? Who doesn't grow up wanting to be descended from Royalty? Well that is the case with Sufia's Native American Heritage, as she traces back 8 generations of her ancestry, to Mississippian Chiefdoms of the Southeastern Ceremonial Complexes.

But this is no happily ever after 'Fairy Tale', as in the process of finding her heritage Sufia also finds trials and tribulations in her family's story of endurance. She discovers how her ancestors' experience intertwines with both the Pre-Columbian and Colonial History of this land. Surprisingly, Sufia's DNA connects her to Muskogee/Creek relatives descended from members of the Wind Clan in the Alabama area, who were displaced by Indian Wars and enslavement. This account of her Red Stick Creek Ancestors is a true untold story of American History.