Mississippians Built Mound City States Across America

Cofetazque Queen

@McQueen Homestead, Wassamassaw, SC. (2015)

Etowah Mounds, Cartersville, Georgia,(2015)

Whether it's trekking through Malibu Canyon to pick sage, hiking Sedona Trails, in the Tropical Tobago Rainforest or climbing Mississippian Mounds in the Southeastern U.S., Sufia is a true  child of the 60's. She's a Tree Hugger from California and Naturalist, who spends as much time outdoors as she possibly can. Intuitively following in the footsteps of her

Hadjo Ancestors...... One of whom, Talmuchees Hadjo (Peter McQueen), is actually buried at Ocmulgee Mound in Georgia.


Toltec Mounds, Scott, Arkansas, (2013)

It's the largest Arheological Mound Site in the Southeastern Ceremonial Complexes of Mississippian Culture. It is located about a half hour outside of Little Rock. This mound site has all the classic elements of Mississippian Moundbuider's cities. 

Bones and Stones Speak, Etowah, GA. (2015)

The Ancestors are always speaking, are you listening? That is the question. As an Ancestrally Inspired Artist, Sufia has always been connected to her Gullah Roots, but did not know the depth to which they actually ran. Her blood runs deep into the dirt of this country, tracing her family's Hadjo/McQueen roots to Amer-Indians migrating from Siberia and crossing the Bering Straits  into Mesoamerica. Sufia's Ancestors have been here for millennia, yet her journey is just beginning.

Gorget Artifact, Etowah, GA. (2015)

The material culture left by mound builders includes beautiful sculpture, pottery and jewelry made of exquisitely carved shell gorget necklaces, like this. 

Yoga on Toltec Mound, Arkansas. (2013)

Genealogy Tools now allow science to meet intuition after 30 years in this exploration of an Indigenous woman's search for identity. In pursuit of her Heritage Sufia discovers many surprises, including the fact that her ancestry in America goes back to 50,000 BC. Turns out Sufia is descended from Mississippian Moundbuilders of the Southeastern United States and the Olmec of Mesoamerica.

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