The presence of Original Indigenous Americans or Amer-Indians dates back millennia. For decades, Anthropologists and Archaeologists have looked to a Clovis First Theory, that says earliest occupations in the Americas began around 10,000 – 12,000 years BC. However, paradigms are shifting as new findings of Pre-Clovis Archeological Sites surface, pushing the timeline of American occupation back farther into antiquity, including the 50,000+ BC., Topper Site in Allendale, South Carolina.

DNA does not lie and ours traced back to Siberia and the Bering Strait area in 50,000 BC, as seen in the Gedmatch Archaic Matches Ancestry Chart here. Scholars like, Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, They Came Before Columbus (1976) and Early America Revisited (1998) have written about this subject for years. Now new researchers like myself, and Dr. David Imhotep, The First Americans Were Africans: Documented Evidence (2011) are bringing forward new information to document the presence of Pre-Columbian African Descendant Native Americans. For me and my McQueen Clan, we found an unknown reservoir of ancient Mesoamerican Ethnic Admixtures after DNA testing, including Ancient Californian Clans like the Miwok, Ohlone (pictured here) and Serrano, with linkages running south into Olmec Mexico & Central America. In finding Ohlone and Serrano DNA in our Heritage, it not only shows a downward migration which corresponds with mainstream migration theories, but also confirms the Muskogee/Creek Creation Story of a West to Eastward migration. Moundbuilders of Ancient America: A Legacy Reclaimed explores that Ancient American past, yet pulls history into the present, using meticulous research and the latest DNA Technology and tools to document our family’s intersectional experience with both Pre-Columbian and Colonial History of this land. This Ethnic Admixture Table shows we have five Indigenous and Mesoamerican ethnicities in our ancestry, the Lumbee, Puerto Rican is Taino, Ste7 is Ohlone, with Miwok & Mexican. This new found knowledge empowers present day descendants like myself, who in connecting these dots, are reconnecting familial relationships and gaining knowledge of our rich lineage. When looking at American History there is so much that is unknown about Mississippian Culture. For one, not all Mississippians joined the 5 Civilized Tribes and enslaved their Black Indian Family members. Some clans, like my Red Stick Creek Ancestors were Nationalists, as they refused the treaties and removal. Instead, in 1814, they fled from Tallassee, Alabama into Florida, where my Ancestor Talmuchees Hadjo (Peter McQueen), became a Seminole Chief. 

It’s important to educate the general public with authentic information as we peel back these layers. For many, it’s a newly discovered American History, told from an original perspective in the voice of my Red Stick Creek Ancestors from the Wind Clan. In light of that, in 2015 I did the poem in this video, Cofetazque Queen, on our homestead in Wassamassaw, SC, an Historical Native American Community. That was before I DNA tested in 2017 and found my Native American connection was more than slivers of oral history and intuition. To see another side of America, take a deep dive into history with me and meet my Muskogee/Creek Hadjo Ancestors within the pages of Moundbuilders of Ancient America: A Legacy Reclaimed.