Moundbuilders of Ancient America: A Legacy Reclaimed                                           The book has 200 pages and 60+ photos, including 12 color images on it’s cover. The research includes Charts & Tables, an Annotated Bibliography, Appendix and Endnotes, making it a fascinating history book that fills in many gaps, and tells the untold story of a Black Indigenous Muskogee/Creek family’s experience. Moundbuilders of Ancient America: goes back 8 generations to chronicle the life of our Matriarch from the Wind Clan, Starlina Hadjo,and her family from a Talisi village in Alabama. It follows the story of her son, Talmuchess Hadjo (AKA Peter McQueen), a Red Stick Creek Warrior Chief & Prophet , who after a major battle with Andrew Jackson and Militia Troops in 1814, led his family into Florida where he became a Seminole War Chief in the 1st of 3 Seminole Wars. Filled with intrigue, triumph and tragedy, Moundbuilders of Ancient America: A Legacy Reclaimed tells the untold story of a Black Indigenous Muskogee/Creek family’s heritage, that intersects both Pre-Columbian and Colonial history in the Americas.  

Recently Ancestry DNA sent me a thank you for my research in tracing our Muskogee/Creek Heritage back 3 generations beyond the 8 generations chronicled in my book, to Sehoy Cousetta of the Taskigi lineage. In short, I lay bare American History, with meticulous detail and findings that connect the dots to not only our personal lineage, but makes linkages with Mesoamerican Pre-Columbian and Colonial pasts that have been painted over for centuries. Dig deeper with me now.
Vegan SOULfood: Food For the SOUL
I’ve been a Vegetarian since 1988 and turned Vegan in 1992, so was “clean eating” long before that term came into the mainstream and being vegetarian became a popular trend. Now, in my e-book, Vegan SOULfood: Food For the SOUL, I share 30+ years of vegetarian food prep with folks on their Vegetarian/Vegan journey.

In addition to having years of experience as a vegetarian, at 18, I took a Gourmet Cooking Class in college and also have a Certificate in Nutrition (1983), from the University of California, Riverside. So my meals are nutritionally balanced with plenty of protein, vitamins and minerals. I’ll show you how to combine food to get maximum taste and nutritional benefits at the same time. In addition, I’ll give tips on ‘repurposing’ or using leftover foods; as well as, shopping tips and vegetarian websites you can access to build your vegetarian/vegan cooking repertoire. So happy eating/Bon’ A petit, cause SOL food is truly food for the SOUL……