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My new book, HeTePu Publications’ Moundbuilders of Ancient America: A Legacy Reclaimed, self-published in conjunction with the notable Black Classic Press, is not only the story of our Black Amer-Indian ancestors, traced to a heritage of Mississippian Moundbuilders who were chiefdoms and queendoms, but also a more deeply complex and revolutionary reveal. In Moundbuilders of Ancient America: A Legacy Reclaimed, I trace back 8 generations to the Southeastern Ceremonial Complexes. In the process of this research, I find our family’s Muskogee/Creek Heritage has linkages to Mesoamerica, thus intersecting both Pre-Columbian and Colonial History of this land.

Moundbuilders of Ancient America: A Legacy Reclaimed, is a fascinating historical resource, as I share the untold story of our Red Stick Creek Ancestors, Clan Mother, Starlina Hadjo and her son, Talmuchees Hadjo, a Talisi War Chief and Prophet, who was a Traditionalist, leading his people through many Indian Wars, including the Creek Civil War and 1814 Battle of Tahopeka (Horseshoe Bend), Alabama. That battle was the beginning of Creek Land Cessesion and Trails of Tears for Red Stick Creek, with the loss of 23,000,000 acres after the Treaty of Fort Jackson. These and many more unknown stories are revealed, including information on Pre-Clovis Archeological Sites, Mississippian Moundbuilders, Old Settlers in Tahlequah, Indian and Freedmen Rolls, the 3 Seminole Wars and NAGPRA, the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act. In addition, I share information on the latest DNA Technology and Genealogical Tools one can use to trace their Indigenous Heritage. Lastly, I describe the impact of what’s now known as the Mississippian Shatter Zone, which ultimately led to the dismantling of the Southeastern Ceremonial Complexes, due to the negative impact of Colonial Settlements.

I’m a Recording Artist, Filmmaker and Fabric Artist, weaving words, images and handmade crafts into works of art. My creations, ‘Sufia’s Woven Treasures’ are fabric woven baskets, pot-holders and coasters made out of quilting scraps in the tradition of our Ancient Miwok and Gullah-Geechee Ancestors, Sweetgrass Basketmaking Heritage in the Charleston Area. Find ‘Sufia’s Woven Treasures’ on Pinterest/Etsy. For details or to request a brochure with price list: [email protected]

Certified Yoga Instructor
Cultural Diversity Lectures
Genealogy Research: Finding Our Indigenous Roots
Healing By Vibrations: Power of Music
Spanish Language Translation
Vegetarian Nutrition Consults/Vegan Cookbook/Vegan Chef

I am a “Globe Trotter” and have traveled extensively, but I get it honestly because my dad was in the Airforce and I was born on a US Airforce base in Southern California. Also, the fact that my mom has traveled the world, to countries like Haiti, Egypt, Gambia, Senegal, Ghana, Turkey, Jordan, Israel and England. I would love to get as many passport stamps as she has. Mom and I have sailed both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, visiting exotic ports at Cozumel and the Mexican Riviera. In this picture we’re making a stop in Puerto Vallarta, while cruising with friends on their honeymoon. In 1992, I spent a week with my childhood girlfriend in Acapulco to celebrate my godson’s birth. I have traveled to 10 Caribbean Island Nations, and spent 6 months in Tobago researching material for a documentary on Traditional Herbal Medicine Practices in 2000. That documentary, The SANKOFA Study: An Ethnobotanical Research Project on Medicinal Herbs of Tobago, screened Internationally in 2002 at FESPACO: Pan-African Film Festival in Burkina Faso, West Africa and ECO-FILM: International Environmental & Sustainable Development Film Fest, Lille, France. I later spent 3 weeks in Belize working on my 2nd documentary, Toledo District Eco-Park: An Eco-Cultural Tour of Southern Belize, which screened at the late Dr. Will Moreau Goins’, 9th Native American Film Festival in Columbia, SC in 2006. Most recently I completed the third part in the SANKOFA Study Series, Ethnobotany of the African Diaspora: South Carolina to Trinidad & Tobago, which screened Internationally at the Shaw Park Cultural Complex in Scarborough, Tobago, on Earthday of April 2018. 

In 2016, I went on my bucket list trip of a lifetime, to Egypt, Africa on Kemetic (Egyptian) Yoga Master, Yirser Ra Hotep’s, 10 Day, Land of the Pharaoh’s Tour. Lastly, I host Healing Retreats on my SOUL Quests: A Vision Quest With Soul, taking folks hiking Red Rock Trails in Sedona, Arizona and picking Sage in Malibu Canyon, California, to Mound Trekking in the Southeastern US or visiting the tropical Rainforest of Trinidad & Tobago.Tobago is usually my winter get-away, allowing me to escape the cold, while relaxing and rejuvenating from hard work. I often host friends from home. Here, I’m with my dear friend Peggie, on an island tour above Parlatuvier Bay. Then, with sisters, Schalisa & Gina @Kariwak Village and with Marion & Rebecca at the Easter Goat Races in Buccoo, before we went to Harvest in Mt. Pleasant.