Hadjo From the Wind Clan

Wind Clan Symbol

Moundbuilders of Ancient America: A Legacy Reclaimed combines 30+ years of research and the latest DNA Technology to tell the untold story of my Muskogee/Creek Heritage. In the book I trace our Ancestry back 8 generations to Mississippian Moundbuilders of the Southeastern Ceremonial Complex. The Ancient Americans were called Moundbuilders, because they built monumental man-made, earthen buildings similar to the Pyramids in Egypt and Mexico. Their Mounds and larger than life, animal sculptures known as, ‘Effigies’ dotted the landscape of many areas across this country. Mounds were made of Stone or Wood, primarily designed in geometrical shapes, like a conical or pyramid style, with a wide base that ascended to a smaller flat top surface. These two pictures of mounds were taken at Etowah Indian Mounds, Clarkesville, GA. Also known as, Earthworks or Tumuli, they were usually enclosed in geometric configurations like squares, octagons or circles, that circumnavigated along ley lines of the planet. This means the mounds lined up with latitudinal and longitudinal lines, or meridians of the Earth, which corresponded to the North, South, East and West Axis, or navigational coordinates of the planet. Obviously, Moundbuilders understood the workings of the Universe, by observing, then documenting the Stars and the position of planets in their architectural designs.

The image of a sculpted bird was taken inside the Earth Lodge at Ocmulgee Mounds National Historical Monument in Macon, GA. This is an Ancient Mound Site that was reportedly built by Muskoke/Creek. 

5 thoughts on “Hadjo From the Wind Clan

  1. Ruby Hamilton says:

    Hi Sufia,
    My name is Ruby and I met you in Tobago some years ago. I always ask Cathy about you. I will definitely buy this book. I had the best conversation with you on Cathy’s porch than anyone I had met in a long time. Keep up the good work and I will be following you on Instagram and Facebook.

  2. Ayoka Kirton says:

    Aboru Aboye Abosise Iyalode Onni Yemoja just to say thank you today was really a great day written within the Natural law of nature,we are becoming great again our head is in the right place may all our ancestors continue t guide us on our path. Strength and Power to us all soldiers in this Army of Redemption.Ase

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