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Poet, Tour Guide & Basu-Yogini


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Ethnic Admixtures:

Sufia felt a connection to her Ancestors long before getting her theory of an Olmec and Mississippian Moundbuilder  linkage confirmed when  Mesoamerican ethnicity turned up in a 2017 DNA test result. 


Since 1992 she called herself an  Ancestrally Inspired Artist. Now it is actually confirmed. DNA has  allowed Sufia to trace her  Ancient American roots to a story that intersects Pre-Colonial American History. On this journey Sufia finds her Amer-Indian Roots and walks in the footsteps of her Ancestors, the

.descendants of Mississippian Moundbuilders of the Southeastern Ceremonial 

Complex & Mesoamerican Olmec.

In June 2019, Sufia visited Ocmulgee National Monument, a Red Stick Creek Mound Site, where her Ancestor, Talmuchees Hadjo

(AKA Peter McQueen) is reportedly buried.

(c) 2018 Moundbuilders of Ancient America

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